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JOB: programmer/developer with iPhone experience

We’re a couple of interaction designers looking to develop a really
simple iPhone application based on some flat character animations
we’re creating in flash.

Ideally trying to find a programmer/developer with iPhone experience
or the skills to check out the SDK and tell us what to do. Learning
on the job is no problem for this one if you’re a programmer just
looking to get some experience with the iPhone platform. Let’s learn
it together!

Initially, we just need to know how to format our assets (images,
sound design) to get them into a development framework. After a
little production time we’d like to develop a prototype.

We have a little money to put on the problem but not a lot. We’re
also willing to do a revenue share on the app if we can get it in the
Itunes store if that’s more appealing. Hopefully we can figure out a
way to make it work.

Email us on