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JOB: Ux Lead @ Social Search Start-up [Bay Area]

Forward for a recruiter friend.
Please submit your resume / p=
ortfolio URL directly to Theresa Djirbandee [].


Company: UxStation

Job Title: User Experience Lead @ Exciting Social Search Start-up

Company Description: Our client is a premier bay area startup with a
rockstar management team that includes experienced entrepreneurs,
ex-Google engineers, and a philosophy professor working together in
downtown San Francisco. Client’s company is home to a new type of
search that makes it easy to find subjective information.


They build products that enable users to tap into the wisdom of
their real-world social network. Their first offering takes on the
problem of “subjective search” =97 finding information that is customized
and relevant to your personal tastes, needs, and context.

Theresa Djirbandee


Please submit your resume along with links to your portfolio.

Pay: $120,000 – $200,000 Per Year

Job Description: UxStation is seeking a User Experience Lead to
help set the direction, tone, and strategy for our client’s social
search products. Seeking someone who will contribute directly in their
particular areas of expertise (web design, quantitative usability
research, UI design, etc.) — but also someone who can help guide
product development at all levels, not just at the level of interaction
design or graphic design for the interface.

The right candidate will have specialized in visual design of consumer
software products, with significant web-based experience. This software
platform also requires extending the core concept into a variety of
exciting and challenging media platforms.

This opportunity is unique in that the seniority level of the position
is flexible for the right candidate – the position can be an Individual
Contributor all the way up to Head of User Experience. For a very
senior candidate, it is an excellent opportunity to define the strategy
for a revolutionary new start-up, and for mid-senior level candidates
the opportunities for professional growth and leadership are immense.



Design interactive mockups for a variety of media and platforms (web, IM, e=

Ensure web site communicates with and engages users with world-class usabil=

Interact directly with users via interviews or usability tests=20

Assist in the development of effective and understandable messaging=20

Analyze user behavior data=20

Think creatively about product features and evolution