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JOB: Developer for

I’m in my second year of building an awesome design/tech hybrid team that make great web experiences for our clients. In the past year, our team has fallen in love with CI, and are looking to get rock solid at it.
Here’s the gig:
– Lead our team of diverse php/mysql/js/css/as3 coders by example
– Roll up your sleeves on every project, by planning, and coding
– Help make our apps come to life quickly, scalably, and elegantly
– Collaborate with an award winning creative team of thinkers & artists
– You solve problems by coding solutions. That’s your deal.
– Wicked at CI deployment, design, and troubleshooting
– Solid knowledge of working in linux shells (bash, grep, emacs, svn, etc)
– Solid knowledge of code design patterns, esp mvc ;)
– Skills with xhtml/css/js are helpful, for sure
– Knowledge of REST and XML service code
Anything else? Drop me an email:
NYC locals only please, we work around a big table, and need the face time..

Thanks for any help.. :)

Aaron Rutledge // POKE // 44 Bond Street 6FL // 10012 // +1 212 254 8800 //