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Re: Lost my Position!


After tom=
orrow, post-paper, I am totally spending my time with trees, kids, cars, Tex-p=
ats, dogs and cameras in the 76 degree sunny weather, and
the list.&n=

On Dec 21, 2008, at 3:2=
2 AM, Ruthie Doyle wrote:

!! Am=
I the only lady?? (Midori so doesn’t count…) # 4! 

Tymm, you have a life. Just…own it. ;  ) You crack me up; funny I “=
met” you for the first time at the show all like, “we’ve met on the list.” W=
e’re stuck in front of our screens…

The problem with q=
uantitative statistics is that it doesn’t take into account posts like some =
of Diamtos’ that are crazy long and complicated.
, Syed, we gotta keep teaming up…anymore James lyrics, or shall we move on=
to new plans…?? “Say something, say something, an=
ything/I’ve shown you everything/Give me a sign”

You can’t say I haven’t tried to be a part of making community!


After tomorrow, post-paper, I am totally spending my tim=
e with trees, kids, cars, Tex-pats, dogs and cameras in the 76 degree sunny =
XO Ruthie

On Sat, Dec 20, 2008 at 1:57 PM, Swerdloff <jonathan@swerdloff=
Where is this agai=

I used to be #1, and I’m itching for a comeback…

much to all of your chagrin… )

:misses MOOs sometimes

On Dec 20, 2008, at 1:49 PM, Corey Menscher wrote:

Dude. &=
nbsp;I’m 10th on the “Top Posters” for The List this month.  I don’t th=
ink I’ve ever been that low:

114     tmt…
85     &nbs=

80      jelanij…

73      midori.yas…
65      ot…
62   &nbs=
p;  mh1…
60      jonat…
56      ari.l.jos…
54      corey.mensc…

You go, Tymm!

rey Menscher

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