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Re: JOB: Technology manager/software developer for multimedia artist studio

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This is a job managing the studio for a single artist who makes work for ga=
lleries, museums and private collectors, so I don't think its really rep=
resentative of the job market as a whole. Presumably this job would appeal t=
o someone who is looking for the opportunity to work for a name artist and g=
et experience working on large-scale projects, make connections in the art w=
orld, and, by doing so, improve their own opportunities for showing work, be=
ing represented, getting exposure, etc., etc. IOW, this job is REALLY not ab=
out the money. If that's more of a priority, then I think, in general, y=
ou're going to be looking at jobs with interactive agencies and studios,=
tech start-ups, or perhaps an in-house design/technology division of a larg=
er media/web/tech company.

This is not to say that there aren't people out there trying to fin=
d an interaction designer with great graphic design and programming skills, =
experience editing feature-length films and creating broadcast-qulity motion=
graphics, basic robotics knowledge, strong bookeeping skills, and a portabl=
e espresso maker for $12/hour. I think people who are looking for this are g=
enerally clueless and/or desparate and, as Tymm mentioned, they assume that =
a recent grad is more likely to take what they can get, so ITP gets targeted=
disproportionately with these types of jobs.

Check out some job posting sites to get a better sense of what the mark=
et is actually like. I haven't been looking recently, but these used to =
be some of my go-to resources. Also, where else do people look for job posti=
ngs (FT or freelance gigs)?


Also, some recruiters post open job desc=
riptions on their sites:

I also have =
a number of recruiters I've worked with in the past who send out weekly =
or monthly emails with open jobs. A lot of these same ones go to the IxDA li=
stserv, if your subscribed to that. Same with nyc-chi.


On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 3:11 A=
M, petra farinha <> wrote:
it~s funny that midori sends emails so early…when we are still here!
but yes…welcome to the job posts!!
and there are others that ask for=
people that do everything: designer, coding for everything u can imagine, a=
rchitect, product designer, coffee maker, secretary for less money!

sweet dreams!

On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 12:02 AM, Tymm Twillman <> wrote:
A lot of the postings to the list are pretty bad like that, but I
suspect the folks who want to pay crappily tend to send out more

But yeah, that's an awful salary for this kind of position.

On Dec 31, 2008, at 2:59 AM, Robert Carlsen wrote:

> I really hope this isn't representative of the job market….that =
> my starting salary as a multimedia developer fresh out of undergrad,
> with a graphic design degree and no practical programming
> experience….in 2000.
> so, if that's what i have to look forward to after 10 years of
> experience and an $80,000+ investment in further education,
> then….ouch.
>> Job title =96 Technology manager/software developer for multimedia=

>> artist studio
>> Ideal candidate has several years experience or a grad degree.
>> …Starting salary is $38,000, plus benefits after 90 days for ful=
>> time. Part
>> time considered for the right candidate; salary negotiable.
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Patrick J. Grizzard