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[job] BlackBerry Developer for UNICEF Child Protection project

UNICEF is seeking a mobile developer to create a BlackBerry application for Rap=
idFTR (, an open-source mobile application =
and data storage system that helps aid workers collect, sort and share infor=
mation about unaccompanied children in emergency situations so they can be r=
egistered for care services and reunited with their families.
Because RapidFTR is an existing and ongoing open source=
project, the developer will be responsible for coordinating his or her effo=
rts with work that is already in progress from a distributed team of volunte=
ers. RapidFTR developers work in a Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behavio=
r Driven Development (BDD) fashion, using Agile methodologies.
Timeframe for this work is six to eight weeks.


To apply send code sample/link to repo + cover letter + =
cv subject line: “R=
apidFTR BlackBerry DEV Job

Create a fully functioning prototype of a BlackBerry client application f=
or the RapidFTR API, with all necessary documentation.

More information:
Learn more about RapidFTR:=A0
Join the RapidFTR Google Group:=A0
Explore the RapidFTR codebase:=A0http://github.=
Watch a 20 minute presentation about Rapid=
Specific Activities:
The developer would:
Lead development and deployment of a BlackBerry application for RapidF=
TR, based on the RapidFTR API and a list of specifications to be determined =
by the RapidFTR team and UNICEF.


Oversee main RapidFTR repo, including tes=
ting and merging commits from volunteers.Work closely with distributed team of developers, including monitoring t=
he RapidFTR Google Group, skypeing into planning meetings, and partitioning =
user stories for work by other developers

Provide live support and development duri=
ng testing and deployment, since all specifications cannot be predefined, an=
d more development or customization may be necessary in the field.=A0

Oversee deployment plan for RapidFTR, inc=
luding helping create documentation outlining necessary steps for deploying =
RapidFTR in emergencies.Oversee Rapid=
FTR server and TeamCity install

Be available for volunteer “code jam=
s” if necessary

rk Products / Performance Indicators
Sample =
User Scenario:
Users are registered through administrative page of =A0RapidFTR


Zubair Elkin is a Child Protection Specialist at an IDP c=
amp in Uganda. He discovers three unaccompanied children who have been livin=
g in a child headed household in an area of the camp.=A0
Zubair launches t=
he RapidFTR Application on his BlackBerry to create a new child record. He t=
akes a photo of the first child, enters her name, current location, and what=
ever other information the child provides him.


Upon saving the record to the phone, a un=
ique child ID is generated for the record.If there is connectivity, the RapidFTR Application attempts to submit t=
he record to the API. If there is no connectivity, the RapidFTR application =
remembers this and does not attempt to connect again until the application i=
s relaunched.

Zubair repeats these steps for each child=
.When the BlackBerry application conn=
ects to the RapidFTR API, it downloads new a new “medical information&q=
uot; in the background and includes it in each child record. A pop-up alerts=
Zubair that this new form has been added.

If there is no network connection:

Upon returning to his headquar=
ters, Zubair opens his netbook and syncs the BlackBerry application to a loc=
al instance of RapidFTR. He then prints a PDF photo of each child for additi=
on to a ‘photo wall.’=A0


Because RapidFTR will be used in situations =
where access to electricity and network connectivity are not guaranteed, the=
application will need to take battery conversation and local data storage i=
nto account. Data security is another important concern, and user stories wi=
ll reflect the need for password protected accounts and onboard data encrypt=
Delivery Dates
Daily: Publishing of all work-in progress code to a forked repository=
. =A0
Weekly: Merge all commits to main repo on a weekly basis.


Knowledge and Skills
Candidates must have experience developi=
ng mobile apps for BlackBerry, and proficiency in Java.


Strong preference given to candidates with experience in agile development =
and familiarity with test driven development and continuous integration prac=
tices, including tools like J-Unit and TeamCity.

Strong preference given to candidates with experience developing software a=
s part of a distributed team using GitHub, especially in open-source environ=
ments.Strong preference given to cand=
idates who are authors, maintainers, contributors, or otherwise active membe=
rs of at least one open-source project.

Some knowledge or experience in developin=
g and maintaining applications using Ruby and Ruby on Rails would be helpful=
but not required.Travel may be requi=
red towards the end of the term. =A0Start date: Immediate=A0