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[Paid Gig] Simple:Press Forum Maintenance / Cleanup

Hi Folks,=A0

I realize this might not be for an ITP’er per se, but =
maybe someone knows someone looking for a short term gig. Please feel free t=
o forward around.=A0
A client of mine is looking to=
hire someone hourly to clean up an active message board / forum that is run=
ning on Simple:Press

Basically we migrated a longstanding message board to t=
his system a few months back but there are a number of bugs / complaints / i=
rritations that have been ongoing since that time. We would like to hire som=
eone who has thorough knowledge of this particular message board system to q=
uickly and efficiently clean up a laundry list of problems. Nothing too exot=
ic, but we are not looking to hire someone who can “figure it out”=
because they are “good with computers”, but rather someone who al=
ready maintains or has maintained an existing setup like this and can quickl=
y drill into the problems at hand.=A0
Email me with a summary of work you’ve done in this=
realm before and your hourly rate.