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INTERN: My Path Builder and ITP Interns

> From ITP Alum, Pamela Vitale

> I was wondering if you or someone you know could help me find interns
> for my start-up MyPathBuilder? ( ).
> We are developing a unique product that focuses on successful
> entrepreneurs and how they are “living their passion with action”; we
> would love to have an intern or two join
> the team to help us edit video interviews and continue developing the
> over all product for the market.
> The person we’re looking for
> needs to
> be enthusiastic and willing to learn. Someone who knows Final Cut is a
> must and if they know some Web development or wordpress that would be
> great too. The intern(s) needs to be able to help us reach a deadline
> for
> video editing for our launch date in early fall. MyPathBuilder already
> has garnered much attention and press, but we need to take that leap
> with post-production,
> so we can start our intense PR efforts and launch the actually product.
> Depending on his/her skills, the intern(s) will also get involved in
> marketing and promoting the finished videos via our social networks.
> This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to hit the ground
> running in the online/offline new media social networking arenas.
> Currently, we cannot offer monetary compensation for the internship.
> Ideally, a university will offer credits. Otherwise, what the intern(s)
> will gain is professional experience that would make a rich addition to
> their resume. The intern(s) will work from home. The only requirement is
> that they have a personal Mac laptop. We will provide all the software,
> etc.
> Please let me know if you think of anyone that might be a fit.
> Kind regards,
> Pamela.Vitale
> 347-268-1177