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[job] Inventory Management System Development

Date: July 14, 2010 4:48:36 PM EDT=

Young, NY-based organic skin care company, livpurely orga=
nics needs a Lot Number Tracking System.  The system needs to perform 2=
tasks: print labels that will be applied to products and then scan the prod=
ucts out to customers.
lease contact:
Darlene Sullivan
800-581-7690 ext.104

livpurely organics
More specific details:
We need an inventory tracking system that will print barcodes and tr=
ack each product with an individual serial number and batch number.  (T=
he reason for getting a program written is because all the systems out there=
that we’ve found are not able to assign both a product number AND an indivi=
dual serial number for each item that corresponds to an overall batch withou=
t entering each serial number as a quantity of one.  We need to see ful=
l quantities on hand.) Since we make handmade creams and soaps from coc=
onut oil, all of our products need to be traced back to the original batch o=
f oil for quality control.



Shawn Van Every
Mobile and Streaming Consulting