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[JOB] PopTech is hiring


PopTech is growing=97and hiring. We are looking for brilliant, energetic, =
fun people who are passionate about science, technology, and social innovati=
on. We draw inspiration from those who don=92t just talk about changi=
ng the world, but actually are changing the world. Sound like you or =
someone you know? Learn more about what we=
=92re looking for=97we=92d love to hear from you!


We are currently hiring for the following roles:

Web Designer / Developer Evangelist / Blogger In Chie=
f PR / Communications Consultant Media and Marketi=
ng AssociateDirector of OperationsExecutive Assistant

Renewing A Community


Who says a struggling Rust Belt town needs to decl=
ine? Not John Fetterman, the innovative mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania. At =
PopTech, Fetterman provided an inspiring and heart-wrenching presentation on=
how he is working to revitalize a challenged community.

We caught up with John Fetterman recently on the latest in Braddock – check out our interview with him as well as his =
PopTech talk.


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Parastou Marashi
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