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INTERN: The Skills @ NYU Program

SUBJ: Internship Opportunity: The Skills @ NYU Program

Position: Blogging / Vlogging Instructor

The Skills@NYU Program is looking for an ITP intern to work with them (and ITP Faculty member Marianne R. Petit) developing curriculum and teaching young adults with learning, intellectual and cognitive disabilities, skills around blogging, vlogging, podcasting, etc. Classes would most likely be held two mornings per week, with additional preparatory hours (which are flexible.)

This internship is an unpaid, but, is very conveniently located to ITP (at the Anthropology Department, two blocks away on Waverly Place.)

The Skills@NYU Program is a pilot transition program for students from the Cooke Center Academy and the Winston Preparatory School, two private high schools located in downtown Manhattan that work with students with learning differences. The transition program is designed to help students who are completing their education at either school; the curriculum focuses on the skills, supports, and self-awareness required for transitioning to the next stage of their life. Work includes academics oriented toward life skills such as current events, budgeting, computer and writing skills, as well as self-advocacy and person-centered planning. In addition to seminars, students also have internships or jobs to help them establish skills they will need for future work, and to identify what are the things that are most meaningful to them in seeking employment. Additionally, students are encouraged to explore recreational options and opportunities for community service. The staff include educators and social workers who work both with the group and with individuals in their internship and work settings.

For more information, please contact Marianne R. Petit (


Marianne R. Petit
Associate Arts Professor
Interactive Telecommunications Program
New York University
721 Broadway, 4th floor
New York, NY 10003
212.998.1885 — it’s all there ……