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[PART-TIME JOB] High School Sustainable Design Teacher

GreenFab is looking for a part-time Sustainable Design teacher for the Fall and Spring semesters.


GreenFab is a high school program for students from the South Bronx that aims to teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills through classes on sustainable design and green technologies. GreenFab provides a project-based, hands-on approach to teaching STEM concepts while emphasizing a focus on career development in the emergent field of Sustainable Technologies. GreenFab is a collaborative effort between Vision Education and Media, Sustainable South Bronx, New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program and The Bronx Guild High School.


The Sustainable Design class uses SketchUp, Inkscape and Processing to teach engineering and design concepts. Students work with machine fabrication equipment provided by MIT’s FabLab initiative to turn their designs into physical objects. Through this class, students have created businesses that use recycled materials, planted indoor gardens and designed jewelry for community events. For their final projects, students work in small groups to create physical models of environmentally responsible buildings or other sustainable products.


The students are 9th and 10th graders from the Bronx Guild, a charter school where students attend classes 3 days a week and an internship 2 days a week. GreenFab is considered their internship. Class is 10-12 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in Hunts Point, South Bronx.


Start Date: Sept 20th

Pay range is $40 – $50 / hour based on experience.


To apply, please send a brief cover letter and resume to


Jaymes Dec