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JOB: Consulting Executive Producer for Interactive Content at Top Cable Network

Consulting Executive Producer for Interactive Content at Top Cable Network


The online group of a top cable TV network is looking for a talented and highly organized freelance digital executive producer specializing in games and other entertainment-focused interactive applications.  The EP would assist in sourcing and managing 3rd party vendors for the games and applications.  Work would be on a project basis.



This role covers projects that typically take from four weeks to 6 months to develop; with the executive producer working on a freelance, part-time basis, with periods of more full-time activity.



The executive producer works with the network to manage 3rd-party game/interactive feature producers — including individual producers and companies — to ensure that they are delivering work on time, on budget and within scope, as well as making sure their creative output is in line with the network brand and/or to the related networks shows and network goals.


In addition, the executive producer is expected to have a wide range of contacts in various creative and digital content communities and to be able to help the network assemble teams and creative leads for specific projects and/or to find production studios or companies capable of completing the project.


The executive producer is not expected to serve as the creative lead for projects but to ensure that the final product being produced is on budget, on time and in line with the network’s needs and expectations, as well as to critically evaluate the project.


The right individual will ideally have 7+ years experience in interactive media with a strong track record delivering high-quality, industry-leading online and mobile projects related to top-tier entertainment properties. Gaming experience with a background in storytelling is an advantage.

Potential Development Role

If the individual has the necessary background and sensibility, the network would also provide the executive producer the opportunity to put together ideas and creative teams to present to the network as potential projects for digital production.



Payment is project based and would be in line with the individual’s experience and accomplishments.  The development role would likely involve a retainer arrangement.