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JOB: positions at Emerging Media Technologies CUNY- adjunct instructor

Position Available Spring Semester 2011

Semester dates: late January to late May, 2011.

Position: Adjunct Instructor / Adjunct Professor

Course: MTEC1201 Media Design Foundation

Emerging Media Technologies program

New York City College of Technology, CUNY

Contact: Dr. Insook Choi, Director

Media Design Foundation is a second-semester interdisciplinary course in the Foundation sequence of our new undergraduate Bachelor of Technology degree program.

Course Description

A cross-disciplinary design foundation presenting audio, visual and integrated design principles and applied concepts used in creative emerging media disciplines. Using case studies and hands-on experiments to illustrate communication theories and practices, students learn creative thinking and problem solving techniques to influence perception, increase appeal, and make better design decisions. Students learn approaches to effective communication, through the use of image, typography, music, and motion.

Projected Head Count

16 Students (Maximum)

Course Goal

Through hands-on experiments, collaborative learning and individual projects, students will learn the language and process for design thinking, gain a solid foundation in design principles and practices, and demonstrate:

– visual, auditory and integrated media literacy

– tangible realization using tools, applications and techniques.

– an understanding of aesthetic appeal and cognition

– contemporary design and development cycles



In conjunction with co-requisite Creative Media Foundation courses, MEDIA1201 will help students discover their strengths and orientation when selecting their future concentration area. This course is unique and necessary for students in any creative media design field, because it places basic design principles often taught in graphic design and fine art courses in the context of emerging, interactive media. With an approach similar to ear training, students will be exposed to a variety of design principles and will gain a design literacy to support their future studies in the Emerging Media program. The importance of traditional hand drawing, visual thinking, and idea development will be stressed, but the application of technical skills used in digital media projects will be an integral part of the course.

Facilities and Support

The course is taught in an advanced lab with Apple G5’s fully loaded, supported by a technician and access to a wide range of advanced media display and interaction technologies. Students are bright and highly motivated. This innovative program just started this semester, Fall 2010.