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Job Opportunity for NYU Students

OpenGL Coder / iPad Developer at International Time Machines, Inc.


International Time Machines, Inc. is creating an iPad application to demonstrate its visualization software. The software aims to be the best way to index and visualize a user’s real-world experiences past, present, and future, leveraging existing social media and personal digital media.


For this project, we are looking for a talented, highly organized freelance OpenGL coder specializing in developing for the iPad. This development role would support and work closely with the existing team of MIT Media Lab and Stanford HCI alums.



This role covers a project that will take 1-2 months to develop; with the OpenGL developer working on a freelance, part-time basis, with periods of more full-time activity. There is an opportunity to convert to full-time once the project is through.



The OpenGL programmer will work with the lead software engineer to implement designs in the iPad app environment. The programmer will be responsible for the implementation of an OpenGL ES 2.0 scene, and objects in the 3D scene to represent the events and experiences mentioned above. This includes writing and modifying OpenGL drawing, lighting, fog, and shader code. The coder’s primary responsibility is to make these objects look and behave as specified in the designs provided. In addition, there will be 2D interface elements overlaid on the 3D view. The programmer will be responsible for making sure these work as specified.


All other functionality including data management, object animation, network code, camera movement, object scaling, will be largely handled by the lead engineer.



The right individual will have solid experience developing applications using OpenGL with preference to those candidates who have delivered high quality, industry-leading commercial applications for the iPhone and/or iPad.



Payment is project-based and would be in line with the individual’s experience and accomplishments.




Jeff Beil

Founder and CEO

International Time Machines, Inc.