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JOB: Big installation: Help Wanted

I’m working on a big installation  ( to open Nov 11 in a SoHo gallery and my sound/video guy went MIA.  Any chance y’all know anyone who might be interested to work with me to create some groovy soundscapes and/or simple video manipulations driven by heart rhythms (fed via arduino, miditron, or other)?  Alt, is there anywhere you suggest I might post this to find the help I’m looking for?

Details below.





Help Wanted:


Audio soundscape driven by heart beats:

The audio is a really critical piece of the installation (general installation info below) that combines different aspects of a viewer’s heart rhythm together with heart rates collected from previous viewers to create a textured soundscape emphasizing both individuality as well as the syncopated connectedness to others.

Requirements are to read heartbeat info fed from an arduino, miditron, or other to create an electrifying, yet entrancing soundscape that fills the gallery space. This would be easiest to integrate using a

PC, but BYO mac can work too.


Live video modulation driven by heartbeats:

Live video of the viewer will be captured via webcam and displayed on numerous monitors throughout the gallery space to bridge the gap between biology and the digital age. This video needs to be modulated so that the entire gallery space pulses with the viewer’s heart rhythm.

Requirements are to read heartbeat info fed from an arduino, miditron, or other to modulate a live video feed from a webcam. This can be done very simply or can involve more elaborate aesthetics from a motivated person. This would be easiest to integrate using a PC, but someone with a mac might be workable.


This help is unpaid side from beer and the opportunity to be a part of an outstanding show in a SoHo/NoLita gallery. Future potential for the installation is high, with possible connections to show in Miami during Art Basel 2010, etc.


If interested, please email Sean, or

call, 347-927-6268. I live and work in Morningside at 119th and 8th.


Details of the installation:


My principle piece in the show, entitled “emergence”, draws connections between the infrastructure of the digital age and the electro-mechanical mechanisms of the human body, asking questions about how we’re connected to one another and the world around us. The piece will be a multi-faceted installation with a physical structure of twisted wires and cables growing out of the floor and into the ceiling of the gallery space – – combined with an audio soundscape and video feedback, all driven by sensors that read the viewer’s heart rhythm. When a viewer touches the center orb of the sculpture, the installation entrain with the viewer’s heart rhythm and create radiating pulses of light through the piece and that extend into the gallery space via a rhythmic soundscape and modulation of a live video feed on monitors throughout the gallery.

For an aesthetic reference, here’s one arm of the sculpture with a “base coat” of wires and cables –


Details of the show:


Opening Nov 11, 6p-12a.

Open House Gallery, SoHo.

Rsvp @

The show is entitled “unintended consequences”, exploring the voyeuristic and narcissistic feedback loops that are created in our digital age and what patterns emerge from this chaotic system.