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JOB: mobile app consulting

My business partner and I are looking to find developer(s) that can help us build out a mobile app and site that will work across multiple mobile handsets.  The main idea is that we’d partner with product manufacturers to place a sticker /seal on their product packaging so consumers in retail stores could easily identify this seal and be instructed on how to learn more about the product or even talk to a sales rep directly.

There are couple of components that this app / site would require:

  • cross compatibility across all mobile handsets;
  • download-able app for smartphones (blackberry, android, iPhone, windows 7?);
  • ScanLife or RedLaser barcode reading;
  • couponing;
  • VoIP functionality where possible; and
  • IM functionality.

We’d probably have to find a graphic designer as well to hammer out design comps.

Anyway, I can you more and send you a product two-pager if this sounds interesting.  Thanks!

Kind regards,

Steve Hong