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Freelance Gig – After Effects Rotoscoping, Now-Weds 3rd (PAID)

Hello friends,

I am helping put out a call for people that might be able to do some last minute rotoscoping for a media event production company I’m working with based in Brooklyn called MVS Studios.

The job involves rotoscoping out a few small parts of a 30 second video clip to be used in a video booth setup.

There is a fairly short time-frame as they need it completed between now and this Wednesday (the 3rd).

Mark and his crew are great people and have a pretty cool setup down in Redhook. They also tend to stick with the people that freelance for them, so there could be more work to come.

As far as I know you can negotiate your own rate.

If you are interested, contact Mark and tell him I sent you!

Or call the office at


And feel free to contact me off list if you have any questions.