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JOB: New York-based tutoring company looking for redesign of website.

New York-based tutoring company looking for redesign of website.

The project really has two components:

We want a cool, original design which reflects the company’s unique approach to test-preparation – one that would appeal to both students and parents and reflect our passion for test preparation as a mental discipline.

In addition, the re-design would give the company the ability to post and manage a web-linked aggregator feature – a la Arts & Letters Daily or The Browser or The Atlantic Wire – designed to help middle and high school students raise their reading levels by reading articles of varying difficulty levels all over the web. For now, this Readings feature would provide searchable, tagged links to the articles. In the future, the company has discussed partnering with content providers such as the New Yorker and The Week and will want to offer users other features and its own original content tied to specific articles. The immediate goal, however, would be the abilities to tag articles for content type and difficulty levels and put them up on our site for users to search and link.

Matt Bardin <>