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JOBS. Very unique opportunity to make something awesome and useful.

I am hiring a lot of people. Read on.

Do you have a design aesthetic similar to that of the new wave of federal government web sites (

Can you maintain a database and/or web server that’s capable of serving hundreds of millions of pages views per month?

Do you want to build such a site using Rails or Django?

Can you turn enormous data sets into stunning yet simple graphics?

…or a programmer-friendly, well-documented API?

Do you know how to set up enterprise infrastructure that will support 2,000 people?

Do you know anything about call center technology?

Can you make beautiful educational animations?

Are you good at mobile stylesheets and/or iphone and/or Android development?

…and the most important question: Are you willing to endure a hiring process full of annoyances, vagaries, and uncertainty?

I am looking for people to join us at the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This is the agency that was created over the summer to educate the public on financial literacy, and to monitor the practices of the financial industry. It is, at its core, an information agency, and that means we need an amazing technology team that can take in terabytes of data from banks and individuals, process it, then spit it back out for both developers to manipulate and for consumers to read. We are going to make educational videos (that means we need animators and After Effects people) and create a legally binding presentation format for things like mortgage agreements (…and that means we need print designers). Wouldn’t it be TOTALLY AMAZING to design the document that you (and tens of millions of other people) will one day sign once you pay off your ITP loan?

I am here, and so is the guy who designed How ’bout that?

So, about those annoyances: we’re the government, so we move slowly. If you’re awesome, please put up with us. In exchange, I promise to keep you fully informed and do what I can to make things happen for you.

If you have questions, reply to the list.

If you want to send me a resume, write to me directly, and please include a portfolio link. Don’t bother with a formal cover letter, but do tell me what about this email appeals to you, and what you’d like to do.