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JOB: Junior and Mid-Senior UX/IAs with outstanding writing ability

Oxford Technology Ventures LLC is a boutique UX and web strategy consulting company in NYC. Our client projects include websites, software, and mobile and iPad apps. To date, our clients have primarily been for web services software and major publishing/ media, as well as subcontracting for some major digital agencies. We tend to parachute in to existing teams to fill a UX and strategy void for new digital projects or large-scale redesigns/ relaunches.

Our services include:

– web/ tech strategy and conceptualization

– user experience and IA

– business and functional requirements

– usability testing

– product and project management

We have a really busy and exciting 2011 ahead with some major brand-name projects in the pipeline. We need help! We’re looking for two different roles:

1. A junior-level IA / business analyst

2. A mid-senior-level lead IA/ BA

For both roles, we are looking for someone with an unbelievable attention of detail and conscientiousness, reliability and ownership of work product.

Successful applicants will also possess an outstanding command of written English– you should be equally as well versed and interested in soliciting and documenting requirements and considering features and functions as you should be in executing detailed wireframes, sitemaps and other UX deliverables. Superior and fast writing ability/ agility is a must.

In a perfect world, you are tech- savvy “Renaissance” individual, with some coding experience, as well as some visual design ability. Oh, and please be *really* smart and exceedingly reliable, with a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility. Digital agency experience would be nice, but not essential. Funny and friendly is good!

You must love to work independently and share a dislike of too much office environment overhead. You need to be a self-starter and self-managing, as we are largely a virtual organization that meets or talks as needed. We have an office space in SoHo that you are welcome to use; but we are open to and encourage working remotely as well. Our focus is on the work deliverables– not office culture! Nobody will be babysitting or micromanaging you as long as you contribute what we’d agreed.

Since we are such a small start-up team, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to work in more “senior” and lead capacities and to really own, drive and contribute to projects. But there’s also some grunt work, as in any organization, and you’ll need to be flexible to be a jack-of-all-trades, willing to do a bit of anything and everything that might need to be done in a small startup company- whether UX related or not.

What should drive you is… love for and interest in creating highly functional and usable digital products that are also strategic for the client, based on their business goals. And working in a small company where you can make a difference!

If this sounds great to you… please send your resume with an email stating the role you are applying for. Include in your email a cover letter describing why you are interested in the role and why we should be interested in you. Candidates who do not bother to spend 5 minutes to tailor their emails and summarize why they are a good fit will not be considered.

Send it all to If you have an online portfolio or work samples you’d like share, pleas include details on that. By the way, we are open to either salaried or contract, so if you have a preference, please state so in your email (If contract, please state your rate). Oh, and– you must be eligible to work in the US.


— Beverly