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[Job] Programmer

Seeking a communicative PHP powerhouse.

I run a creative site, groundbreaking even and so a groundbreaking programmer is sought. You’ll deal with algorithms — if this isn’t you stop reading; API’s, design — you’ll need to be able to stylize pages with and without style sheets, java, ajax, messaging, chats and some interesting work with audio. You might have to make a computer do something it wasn’t initially set up to do, but it should have. You should understand what’s going on in social marketing, on some level and know where to get off the shelf API’s and components to make something better without building from scratch if you don’t have to. You can mod open source and enjoy it.

Finally you need to be able to do what you say and communicate often.

This isn’t a job, this is very much a gig, small even because we both want to be happy before we do anything else.

Design skills

Please send a single link with your best work, explaining what you did.  Rather than a resume, please just detail your skills and their application to this project. Send to