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JOB: Engineers and Senior Research Scientist, Fitbit

Fitbit, Inc

Senior Research Scientist

Fitbit is a fast-growing consumer electronics company that is changing the way that people use technology to live more active lives.  Our mission is to make the world a healthier place.  We are looking for sharp scientists and engineers to help us drive innovative new products in Research.  Topics cover a wide range of expertise:

* Signal processing and sensor fusion

* Hardware and sensor design

* Machine learning and data mining

* User validation testing

* IP strategy

Research will focus on architecting sensor platforms for all day, human-wearable devices that provide high quality lifestyle information.  For example, classifying periods of walking, running, standing, sitting, and sleeping; estimating caloric burn; predicting behavior; and developing optimal interventions to help users reach their goals.  If interested, publications are an option.  As part of a small, crack team of researchers you will have large responsibilities in taking ideas and growing them into a final product.


* Ph.D. in electrical engineering, bioengineering, applied physics, or computer science. Background in physiology and/or biomechanics a plus.

* Three or more years of work experience preferred

* Experience with programming and scientific computation (Matlab and other C/C++ languages). Numerical programming a plus.

* Motivated, independent, efficient and able to handle several projects

* Friendly, articulate, and interested in working in a fun, small team environment

More About Fitbit

Fitbit is a well capitalized, venture-backed startup in San Francisco founded by longtime technology entrepreneurs James Park and Eric Friedman.  Fitbit’s flagship product is the $99 Fitbit Tracker, an ultra-compact accelerometer-based activity and sleep monitor that seemlessly works with the web to give people new social ways of competing and staying motivated.  The Fitbit Tracker is available at and nationwide at Best Buy, REI, 24 Hour Fitness, Microsoft Stores, the Finish Line, and Hammacher Schlemmer.  Demand has been very strong.  Fitbit has won a number of prestigious design awards, was runner-up at TechCrunch50 in 2008, has been featured by MIT Technology Review, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, USA Today, etc., and has been cited in dozens of academic papers since its launch in 2007.