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Artistic Research Fellowship position at the Norwegian Film School

den norske / filmskolen

Hogskolen i Lillehammer, postboks 952, 2604 Lillehammer

Telefon: (+47) 61 28 74 68 Fax: (+47) 61 28 81 10


The Norwegian Film School is situated at Lillehammer University College (LUC), which offers a wide range of studies in film and television, health and social sciences, travel and tourism, economics and administration, and arts and cultural event management, as well as being home to Norway’s national institution in filmmaking education, The Norwegian Film School. There are approximately 4200 students (about 25% of whom are part-time) and around 330 employees. LUC also has a focus on new and exciting ventures tied to artistic research, regional development and developing a leadership position in academic research.

Artistic Research Fellowship Digital/Interactive Filmmaking

3-year position at The Norwegian Film School and the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme

The Norwegian Film School (NFS) opened its doors in 1997 and has since then graduated 226 filmmakers in the disciplines Screenwriting, Directing, Producing, Cinematography, Production Design, Editing and Sound in addition to becoming one of the leading film schools in Europe. About 93% of NFS graduates work in the national film industry, and many have established themselves as leaders in the Norwegian film and television landscape. At this time, NFS is taking up the challenge presented by advances in digital storytelling in recent years and is undergoing an extensive modernization.

In 2003, NFS joined forces with other national arts education programmes in Norway and became part of the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme which parallels Doctoral studies. The programme aims to implement high-level artistic research and leads to a qualification as Associate Professor. The Artistic Research Fellowship Programme is among the first in this field in Europe. The programme offers a three-year position as Research Fellow to candidates who have completed the highest art education within their subject area.

The Position

The Research Fellow will develop and execute an artistic work within the area of “interactive /digital storytelling”. The NFS is looking for a candidate to approach the work from the perspective of combining the strengths of traditional filmmaking with the storytelling potential of the new digital/interactive tools available to filmmakers today.

The artistic work must adhere to the standards and guidelines set out by the Artistic Research Fellowship Programme (see for more information. Please note the Norwegian Film School has a different deadline for this position than the Fellowship Programme announces on its web site.).

The chosen candidate will be employed by the Norwegian Film School / Lillehammer University College; this employment is contingent upon the candidate’s project being accepted by the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme. The position is for 3 years and the Candidate is expected to be based at the Norwegian Film School and to contribute to the digital storytelling programme. In addition to the artistic research and associated critical reflection, there are mandatory workshops and gatherings organized through the Fellowship Programme. There is also a requirement to do some teaching in the field at NFS.


The ideal candidate will be a practicing screenwriter or digital media storyteller with professional experience in film, television and/or digital/interactive storytelling. In addition, the candidate is expected to document the following qualifications:

Documentation of the applicants artistic qualifications

It will be important to the Steering Committee of the Artistic Fellowship

Programme and to the experts whom the committee consults to assess the applications that it is possible for them to obtain a good impression of the applicant’s artistic qualifications for carrying out the project. It will therefore be decisive that emphasis is placed on good documentation of these qualifications through the presentation of previous artistic activity and other relevant material.

Documentation of formal academic qualifications

Applications must either document recognized competence at assistant professor level in the artistic field in question through a confirmed transcript of an expert opinion, or alternatively, documentation material must be enclosed that can form the basis for carrying out such an assessment in connection with the assessment of other aspects of the application. Such documentation will have many similarities with that required in the section above.

Documentation can include letters of reference, acceptance letters from festivals, competitions and the like, IMDB-listings, features/reviews from mass media, and the like. It is important that all relevant experience and artistic works are properly documented.

Additional qualifications

The candidate will spend a great deal of time working independently, and must demonstrate excellent organizational abilities. In addition, the candidate must possess both oral and written presentation skills, and good interpersonal skills. Questions about the position or qualifications should be addressed to Fredrik Graver, Head of Studies at the Norwegian Film School,

The governmental work force shall, as far as possible, reflect the diversity of the population. It is therefore a policy goal at LUC to reach a balanced age and gender composition and to recruit people with an immigrant background. The working conditions are arranged as necessary for functionally impaired persons. LUC aims to increase the proportion of women in teaching and research positions. In cases of applicants with similar qualifications, female applicants have preference.

The salary in an artistic research fellowship starts at NOK 383 900 with yearly raises during the period of appointment.

How to apply

Extensive curriculum vitae including professional experience, listing of artistic output and education, accompanied by appropriate documentation and the completed application form for the Artistic Research Fellowship Programme (found at and samples of artistic work must be sent both electronically to and in hard copy (4 copies) to:

The Norwegian Film School,

Lillehammer University College,

Postboks 952, 2604 Lillehammer.

Both sets of applications must be clearly marked “Artistic Research Fellow – digital/interactive storytelling – NFS.”

Electronic applications must be received no later than 12:00 pm CET, Wednesday March 16th, 2011 and mailed version must be postmarked no later than that same date.