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JOB: Max/MSP/Jitter Help Wanted

MFA candidate with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago would like to hire someone to write a fairly simple patch in Max/MSP/Jitter with a quick turnaround (for an art installation as detailed below).

1. Description
The viewer will first approach a desk where a gallery attendant will ask their nationality. Then the viewer will move on to another space separated by a wall where they will see three monitors placed next to each other, with their nationality displayed next to a counter, showing how many people have passed through the space from any given nationality.

2. Technical Data
Each monitor displays three columns of information. A “country” column displays the nationalities that have passed through the space. A “number” column displays the amount of people of each nationality. A “status” column displays one of the following messages; “on time” “boarding” “last call” “canceled” in successive order based on the number of people, i.e. the country with the most amount of people has a status of “canceled” and the country with the second most amount of people has a status of “last call.” It will work like a leader-board in that sense.

The first person to see the work will only see the number ‘1’ next to their own nationality and so on and so forth. The information is keyed in by the gallery attendant at the desk, and should update immediately and ‘remember’ and accumulate inputs and store them in a database for the duration of the show.

The gallery attendant will see a very simple drop down menu from which they can select from a list of countries.

Contact: Lantian —