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[JOB] entry-ish level video assistant



I need an assistant. I’m a freelance video editor, motion graphics designer, producer and director. This last year I’ve had way too much work, and I’m tired of pulling all nighters and hiring random freelancers at the last minute with variable results. I need help. I’m in the process of starting a full fledged production company, and eventually I will need a full time employee. At the moment though, I am only able to hire someone on a freelance basis.

My ideal candidate is:

-New to the industry. I really don’t care what your degree is in, or even if you have one for that matter, as long as you have some sort of portfolio that shows me what you can do. To be honest, I probably can’t afford you if you already have 5 years of professional experience, and I don’t want to have to feel bad about not paying you enough.

– A motion graphics designer and video editor. You MUST be relatively fluent in After Effects and Final Cut Pro. I understand you’re new to the business, and there’s plenty I can teach you about both of these programs, but please at least know how to do the basics, or be smart enough to figure it out so that I don’t know the difference. Beyond that a working knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator and video compression is very helpful. Mac friendly. I use macs. You should too. Typography and design chops would be fantastic, but not necessary.

-A decent human being. I need someone who’s eager and excited to get some experience and WORK. I’d rather someone who has a really solid work ethic and will bend over backwards to get the job done, than someone with tons of experience who is a flake.

What I do:

-I’m kind of all over the place, but for the most part I do documentary and brand identity work. The vast majority of the time is spent in post production, but about 10% or less is spent in the field with a camera crew. A typical gig would start with producing a shoot, where we would interview subjects and shoot b-roll with a high end camera operator. Edit the footage in FCP, and incorporate motion graphic elements from AE. Other times, it’s all after effects work… animating logos, motion typography, etc…

Regarding payment. I won’t ever ask you to work for free. For the time being when I have a paying gig that I can use you on, you will be paid a day rate. I’m hoping that by this summer that I will have an office and can afford to at least bring you on 2-3 days a week, but for the time being it would be on an as needed basis. The rate is up for discussion, but probably around $150-$250 a day to start. More is definitely a likelihood as you prove yourself and work keeps coming in. If you’re super desperate for work, there’s a chance I can pay you for some personal assistant type work as well.

I’m in the process of expanding my business. I have a partner who is an extremely talented graphic designer/art director, and we are close to landing some very large projects. Our goal is to have an office by this summer and two employees (one to assist me, and one to assist him). For the time being though, I work from home. I have a pleasant enough apartment in the downtown brooklyn/dumbo area, and at the moment you’d be working here with me and/or from your place once I’m comfortable that you can get the job done on your own. I know that’s a bit odd, but you may have noticed this whole post isn’t completely typical. If all goes well, you and I will be spending a fair amount of time together, so it’s very important to me that we get along. Must like dogs. No seriously, I have a super friendly dog, and he’ll be around both here and probably in whatever office space I move into.

Allright… if you’ve managed to make it all the way through this rambling mess, we’re off to a good start. Send me an email with a link to some work online. If you send me a form letter or a one line response, I probably won’t get back to you. Tell me about your experience and abilities and why on earth you would consider coming to work for me after reading this crazy rant.