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Job openings in Sweden

Anyone interested in a job in Sweden? Does the prospect of free government healthcare, 6 weeks paid vacation, 1 year of paid parental leave and a 6-month winter appeal to you?

My company, inUse, is hiring. We are Sweden’s largest UX company with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malm (Sweden’s three largest cities).

All are welcome to apply, regardless of nationality.  Knowledge of Swedish not a requirement, although a willingness to learn is key. Email me for more details if interested.

/Sarah (ITP ’99) (blog)


Here’s our job application text, please excuse the Google Translate quickie translation:

Work with us! Help us to make Sweden’s most powerful digital solutions.

Last week we launched two of Sweden’s biggest sites in the new versions – Hemnet* and Systembolaget**. Want to join the next project? inUse is looking for interaction designers in both Stockholm and Gothenburg. Hurry and submit your application.

* Sweden’s most popular real estate site
** Sweden’s state-run alcohol store

More text about inUse from our website:

We change the IT-world

inUse is the largest user experience consultant company in Scandinavia with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe.

inUse offers its customers a wide range of services within the area user experience and usability. We have solid experience and knowledge of strategic design, conducting expert evaluations, user experience, usage evaluations and usability testing of both consumer electronic products and different kind of IT-system.

We offer services to help our clients reach the expected effects of their product investments. We view user experience and usability as an important mean to achieve expected benefits for the procurer as well as users.

inUse has 60 consultants with working experience ranging from two to over 20 years. Most of our consultants have been working with different mobile products, such as phones, GPS and smart phones, for several years.

Since we started in 2002 har vi have made everyday life easier, more effective and more fun for more than 52 million users around the world. Our consultants have performed more than 500 usability tests, interviewed more than 10.000 users and designed over 400 systems, websites and apps.