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JOB]: Front end developer | NY | Blank & Co.

We are looking for an excellent front end Javascript/Jquery developer to help us build the front end for a new extremely high end custom made jean Company.  Its a cool project with a very nice design and competitive pay. The platform we are using is Magento. So familiarity with Magento is a huge plus.

You would be working a few days from our small office in SOHO or your office/home.

The Project:

  1. So all the jeans are going to be shot from multiple angles on a mannequin.  We need to be able to control and rotate the object to see the jeans from all sides.  The controls should feel like feel like its a 3d object.  Its going to be built in javascript so it plays on all devices.  We know it’s not the smoothest option but we need to improvise existing libraries.  Here is an example of something we could use as a starting point.
  2. Additional other front end ajax and javascript work to create animated drop downs, page loads etc.



Ajax, CSS, Jquery(or similar), Javascript, Ecommerce development (preferably Magento)



We would prefer to do this by project and not by the hour.  Open to discussion.


Delivery Date: May 1

Please email me at