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[JOB] CSS 1/2 – 1 day, competitive pay

I’ve gotten myself into a CSS confusion on that I’ve
got in pre-launch phase awaiting approval as an iPhone web-app.
EZfollowups works very nicely but the user interface gets a little
primitive the deeper you go as I’ve got competing CSS so I suspended
most of the inner workings CSS. As a solo developer, CSS is not my
strength. I could use 1/2 to full day hand holding to sort out my
confusion. I am willing to pay what ever is reasonable for this
service. Payment is given immediately at the end of day!

Thank you,

PS: Successful candidate will have top priority to bid in coding
Android and BlackBerry version of this web-app.

Steve Bull
Cutlass Inc.
New York City
m. +1 917-912-4132