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[Job] Freelance Wed Developer – Javascript/CSS Guru

I've got a long-term contract that I'm working on as UI Designer with
a client who is building a web application that will become a
client-facing platform for concessions and room service for some major
sporting venues in the US.  Up until now I've been managing all of the
design, a great deal of the CSS, and some Javascript on my own, but
occasionally run into issues that are taking me many hours to resolve.
 I've decided to look for an expert that I can contract as needed to
help out with some of these challenges.  Do you or someone you know
meet these qualifications?

- Deep knowledge of HTML, XML, CSS, AJAX, JQuery, barebones JavaScript
- Experience in programming interaction for custom UI elements
- Browser compliance expertise, especially IE8
- Highly organized, clean coder
- Quick turn-around time

- Familiarity with Teletrik controls for ASP .NET Ajax
- Strong design sense

All interested should contact (yep, that's me),
with examples of development work, hourly rates, etc.


Tim Stutts

Interaction Designer and Creative Technologist

skype: timstutts