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[job] experimental web person?

maybe a fun project for someone?  paid experimental website experience for a theatre experience.  see below, and get in touch with rebecca if you’re interested Rebecca Wiener ‪<>


A friend of mine is looking for a great experimental web person for his theater company’s new site. I thought maybe you would know some people at ITP who would be interested in a (reasonably paying, although not HIGHLY paying) interactive design project? Here’s a bit about the project.

His company is Woodshed Collective and they just got an angel funder whose first order of business is telling them to make a fantastic web experience. The company does pretty exciting theater stuff: it’s all site-based and expansive. Last summer, they did a show on a boat in the middle of the Hudson. This summer, they’re preparing an interpretation of The Tenant in an old apartment building on the Upper East Side. (They have the guy who did all the music for Spring Awakening involved in this project.) So they want a website that gives an expansive experience as well so visitors to the site can explore the play site online.

Does that sound like something anyone you know would be interested in? Any leads would be highly appreciated!