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[JOB] Emerging Technology Operations Specialist: NBCUniversal

Hi Everyone,


We have an open position on my team for an Emerging Technology Operations Specialist at NBC Universal. Please send your resume (or any questions) to me at




Emerging Technology Operations Specialist, Digital Products & Services

Emerging Technology Operations Specialists are a key part of the of NBC Universal’s Digital Products & Services Emerging Technology Specialists Team. Emerging Technology Operations Specialists are passionate about creating innovative Emerging Technology projects, have a mind for big picture strategy, and possess a keen eye for detail. They are responsible for ensuring day-to-day campaign support, project management, and operational excellence. They will work closely with Emerging Technology Specialists on the execution of projects for NBCU business groups. The Emerging Technology Operations Specialist will be responsible for a project’s detail work, testing, and monitoring live campaigns pertaining to different Emerging Technologies, including Mobile Applications, SMS, Advanced TV and Mobile Web. Position reports to the Manager, Emerging Technology Operations and will be located in New York City, New York.

Emerging Technology Operation Specialists serve the operational needs for NBCU Brands launching groundbreaking, engaging interactive programs and events:

— Work with Emerging Technology Specialists to identify a project’s priority, requirements, and find efficiencies.

— Day-to-day campaign and production management support.

— Technology detail work (e.g. Omniture tagging for Mobile Web, SMS scheduling)

— Ensure campaign/technical elements are on track and are in line with the Brand’s desired result and overall strategy.

— Facilitate and execute testing, for both new and ongoing campaigns.

— Complete operational documentation relating to various emerging technologies (e.g. mobile application submission) with an eye on improving process and creating efficiencies.

— Create and implement campaign escalation procedures.

— Provide reporting and help with analysis efforts.

— Keep up-to-date on industry happenings in order to bring knowledge and expertise to brainstorm sessions, operations work, and communications with NBCU Brands.

— Facilitate and manage submission of projects to third party distributers on behalf of NBCU brands, as applicable (e.g. mobile applications).

— A certain percentage of time will be spent building Subject Matter Expertise in a specific Emerging Technology area (e.g. share platform expertise, provide guidance, lead brainstorm sessions, and provide competitive analysis).


Emerging Technology Operations Specialists must possess strong communication and project management skills and be able to work effectively with creative individuals, business and legal representatives and technologists. They must be a clear thinker who is self-motivated, detail-oriented, and forward-thinking. They should have experience with mobile & Advanced Television technologies, specifically with SMS/MMS, WAP, mobile applications, mobile video, dynamic graphics insertion, and 1-Screen. They should be a versatile player, able to communicate needs to technologists and explain technology to non-technical audiences.


Emerging Technology Operations Specialists must have at least six months experience within the media/television industries and possess a passion for interactivity and for television programming in general.

Candidates must possess the following skills:

  • 6 months to 1 year work experience within the media/television industry
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience

Favorable consideration will go to candidates who also possess:

  • 1 year experience in mobile, Emerging Technology or Advanced Television industries
  • Solid understanding of mobile/Advanced Television, including SMS/MMS, mobile video, mobile web, mobile applications, dynamic graphics, 1-Screen (set top box), live event web voting including Akamai set up
  • Proven track record with producing and launching mobile, Emerging Technology or Advanced Television events & applications
  • Knowledge of & keen interest in building expertise in new emerging technologies: Social Media, Augmented Reality, Interactive Storytelling, etc.
  • Familiarity/fondness for NBCU brands/content
  • Previous experience with broadcast television technology (graphics equipment, scheduling systems, on-air graphics designers, etc,)
  • Previous experience with Advanced Television technology
  • Previous experience with a variety of mobile applications including SMS, WAP, Mobile apps, Mobile games
  • Previous experience with technology product development
  • Previous experience with interactive media projects
  • 1+ years’ experience documenting operational processes and improving for efficiency.
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Strong oral communication and presentation skills


Eligibility Requirements:

— Willingness to travel, work nights and on weekends with short notice.

  • Must be willing to work in New York City.

There are two current openings