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[Job] Backend Database Freelancer for Mobile App

This is a short job for a health related iPhone app called CarbSource, mainly targeted towards helping people with Diabetes figure out their carb intake. The app is very minimal and targeted towards helping users eating at restaurants get the carb information on what they are eating as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This job requires someone to work with the iPhone developer to help setup the backend web services component of the project which will track data such as restaurant and food item information, mainly carbs.
Looking for expertise in –
– Setting up a MySQL database on server that gets & posts data via mobile app & web form
– Knowledge of how to combine multiple data feeds to populate database
– Expertise in efficiently using REST services, MySQL, JSON & PHP
– Knowledge of iOS technologies and data-driven related API’s is a big plus
This is a chill client and wiling to work around your schedule as a freelancer.
Contact me off list thanks,
– Karl

Karl Channell | Creative Developer | 571.276.6903 |