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Fwd: [JOB] dukode studio via

Hi all,

just stumbled upon this job post on… surely someone here (or several hundred of you) fits the bill:
The DuKode Studio (, a creative computing company, seeks a freelance associate to help on several web projects. Assistance may also be needed on other projects that include 3D scientific visualization, iPhone programming, wearable computing, and digital fabrication. The position will start in the spring. Hourly rate will start at $30/hr and be determined by client project.

The associate must be able to work off-site and meet with DuKode members once a week at DuKode’s Brooklyn studio. The associate must have working knowledge of Flash, Actionscript, HTML, PHP. Knowledge of one or more of the following areas is also desirable.

Computer Skills:
– Web CMS (i.e. Joomla)
– 3D modeling/animation (i.e. Maya)
– Compositing (i.e. After Effects and Adobe CS)
– Objective-C, C, and/or Perl programming
– Open Source software compiling
– Scientific visualization
– GIS (i.e. QGIS and GDAL)
– Spreadsheets
– Unix
– Version control (i.e. Mercurial)

Other material skills:
– Microcontrollers and circuitry
– 3D printing and laser cutting
– Sewing and crafts
– Ceramics

To apply, please send a cover letter, portfolio link, and resume to Thanks in advance.