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fun pcomp/fabrication job

It’s fun, it’s pcomp, and it’s paid! We’re looking for someone to help build a simple device for a large high-profile event in Boston this summer.

We have the parts spec’d out and it should be reasonable simple. It’s essentially an Arduino, a wifi module, a series of seven-segment LED displays, and a motion sensor. On the pcomp end, we’re looking for someone to both solder components and do the Arduino programming to get it all working.
The second part is fabrication of a simple box with a slot that can accept cards. The box needs to be robust and have a professional finish to it but it is otherwise fairly simple.
We’re looking to make five of these. The timeline is short but you’d essentially have May to get this all together.
If you’re interested, email me at and I can send you some more details. Please include info on any reasonably sophisticated pcomp projects you have undertaken. Given that it needs to look really polished we’d love to see any projects you’ve done that can demonstrate capability to produce a high level of finish.
The overall project is quite interesting and we could end up making more of these as the project is intended to become nationwide after Boston.
Thanks – look forward to talking.