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Graphic Design Job

Hi friends,

I am looking for a graphic designer to do some work for me in the coming weeks. I recently founded a company called Ursidae New York which will be launching in Spring/Summer 2012 with a small line of printed scarves. All of the prints are tessellations in which a form repeats infinitely interlocked with itself.

I am looking for someone to help us touch up the tessellations in illustrator – they are quite mathematical and I need someone who has an eye for detail and can help us tweak the shapes to fit perfectly together. The work would also include some help with graphic design for tags, and refining the prints so that they are ready for print by the end of May.

I am based in New York so am hoping to find someone local. We are a small startup and don’t have a huge budget, so we’re looking for someone young and creative with a lot of availability in the coming weeks who is looking to expand their portfolio. If you know of anyone who might be interested please feel free to refer them to me a�or�