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[GIG] looking to hire an assitant

I am looking for a studio assistant to help with an upcoming mixed
media sculpture project.

I need someone to help me with the audio and coding part of my
sculpture exhibition and would love to hire one of your students or


Briefly, the project, entitled THE TALKING CURE, consists of ten
sculptures. Each of these will have been paired with a writer who will
write a (roughly) 300 word monologue of what is going on inside the
sculptures’ mind. These will be recorded. I need someone to possibly
help with the recording  but  mostly  I need to work with someone who
can  code the monologues and connect them to either scan-able codes (
QR codes?) so that viewers can point their smart-phones at the code
and trigger the audio or if it’s easier to connect the recordings to a
series of phone numbers that viewers could call, toll free, to hear
the voices.

I am sure that there are aspects of this that I haven’t considered, so
someone who is a creative problem solver, but not necessarily an
artist would be wonderful to meet!

Melissa Stern <>