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[JOB] Slader Job Opportunity

Slader is a platform for users to share their homework answers to math and science books and share in the revenue their solutions generate. Slader is the best way to master math and science from home, at a low-cost, and an on-demand basis.

We are seeking a User Interface Engineer to help develop and maintain a growing website. We are a small close-knit team that is working collaboratively to bring an awesome website to millions of users. You’ll be joining the team during our website’s post-launch growth phase and will have the opportunity to define and contribute from the start.

We have a minimal website that will need maintenance and improvements, some minor, some large. Future opportunities will include the contribution to ideas, features and designs that make the website a big player with its target market, as well as the opportunity to develop advanced applications for creating and editing rich content on the web.

– In charge of front-end development
– Work with a close-knit small team to bring an awesome website to life
– Maintain a website in its infancy and help define its further development.
– You will spend most of your time writing HTML, CSS, Javascript and working with Photoshop
– You’ll be using modern web technologies and ensuring best practices: JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3
– You’ll have the opportunity to maintain and build a top-notch website, as well as contribute to some cutting-edge webapps

– You are an knowledgeable programmer.
– You’re self-driven, motivated, and can manage time and tasks well on your own.
– You test things prior to committing changes and don’t just depend on a big QA team to find problems with your code.
– You’re an expert debugger and can solve any issue.
– Well-versed in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ajax, jQuery, and related web technologies
– Knowledge of Django and the Django template system or a similar MVC framework.
– You’re familiar with Mercurial and might have some experience navigating a Unix system
– You know that anything is possible and approach problems with that mindset, and don’t just say ‘no’ because something’s too much work.
– Excellent communication and collaboration skills
– You don’t get worked up easily and can handle the pressure of jumping between multiple tasks.

Additional Skills / Bonus Points:
– Expert knowledge of Django, Django template tags, filters and everything in between
– Some design experience
– Experience building complex web applications in Javascript, jQuery or similar.
– Experience with MathML, Mathjax or other methods of parsing/rendering math/science notation in a browser
– Experience with LaTeX
– Experience integrating and leveraging third-party software and code for use in custom web applications.


Contact Scott at to apply. Please include an ePortfolio or examples of your previous work.