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[JOB] Project Manager Trainee

Project Manager Trainee

Who you are:

● Passionate about solving problems and moving things forward every day

● Excited about meeting new people and fostering relationships

● A people person who likes learning something new every day

● A self motivated goal oriented person with a strong academic record

What you will be working on:

● Leading projects and driving them towards completion with close attention to detail and a sense of urgency

● Working closely across all of our practice areas, striking a balance between the different groups and driving them towards a delivery timeline.

● Managing expectations and flagging potential issues early

● Maintaining a deep knowledge of your project and assuming responsibility for total quality

● Preparing reports and documentation for internal and external consumption

● Maintaining customer facing documentation and information.

Your Background:

Preferred Prior Industries / Companies:

○ Mobile or Web 2.0 technology

○ Startups

Preferred Education:

○ Any but technical degrees are preferred

Preferred Yrs of Experience:

None / 1-3 / 3-10 / 10+

Your required skills:

● Project management and data management capabilities

● Excellent communication and customer service skills

● Strong writing and documentation capabilities

● Demonstrated ability to take the lead on running projects and co-ordinating (not necessarily managing) people

● Strong knowledge of modern Internet technologies (Social, Web 2.0, Mobile etc)


Temporary / Analyst / Associate / Manager / Director / Executive

Office: New York

Hiring Manager: Marie Bromberg

Approved by : Toy / Nov. 29, 2011

Contact:  Marie Bromberg