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[JOB] Established musician in need of a new marketing and publicity campaign


I’m an established musician and educator from the area, and am in need of a new marketing and publicity campaign for my business.  As a musician I’m constantly highlighting my events and credentials using press releases or social media.  At this time, I feel that maybe a short promo video or mini documentary would help raise awareness about my services and maybe even re-brand my image to the rest of the music and entertainment industry.  At the very least, a video that I could post on my website or youtube channel.  I was hoping you might be able to recommend a promising student, one in need of experience and who could use this project as a portfolio item, to work on this with me.  Unfortunately, I have no budget for this endeavor and am looking for a student who can invest the time in return for a completed portfolio project.  I have a massive photo archive which can be used in addition to any new footage we shoot.
I’ve attached my one sheet so you have more to go on, my web address is below and I’ve pasted some info in the email.  Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much,

About Brian Doherty

  • Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in New Jersey, drummer Brian Doherty has over 40 releases to his recording credit.
  • The original drummer with They Might Be Giants, Brian recorded and toured with TMBG during the Warner/Elektra years.
  • Drummer on the acclaimed Can You Fly and Unlucky albums by Freedy Johnston.
  • Drummer on Cherry In Your Tree by XTC, produced by Andy Partridge and David Yasbeck.
  • His musical diversity is evidenced by his work with artists across the spectrum such as Lonnie Liston Smith, Twyla Tharp, Ben Folds, Guy Davis and the Broadway productions of RENT and Hairspray.
  • Some of the artists and producers that have relied on Brian’s drumming: Frank Black, Orleans, Sol Seppy, John Linnell, XTC, Tony Maimone, Paul Fox, Dave O’Donnell, PJ Pacifico, Neil Dorfsman, John Platania, Joseph Joubert, Chip Taylor, Wayne Warnecke, The Killer Shrews, The Silos, Jon Langford, Vaneese Thomas, Brian Lablanc, Paul Antonell, Michael Patzig, D James Goodwin, Christy Thompson, Spike Priggen, Paul Angelli, Mike Viola, Gary Blu, Jd Foster, Bob Rupe, Kevin Salem, John Flansburgh, Mary Lorsen, Adam Lasus, Andy Abel, Victor Van Vugt, Dave Yasbeck, The Candy Butchers, M2M, Danny Gatton, Gary Lucas, Carla Werner and more.