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[JOB] Interactive Graphic Designer, MegaPhone Labs

MegaPhone Labs is a Manhattan-based startup that designs and develops interactive TV applications. Our apps let tens of thousands of simultaneous viewers use their phones/PCs to interact with TV shows in realtime. Our clients are Fortune 500 brands, such as adidas and Anheuser-Busch, and media companies such as NBC, CBS, and Fox. We are about to go big, and that’s why we need your help.

  • We are funded
  • We have significant revenue
  • We’re not a web company, we’re solving unique problems that require unique solutions
  • We have a small, nimble team, so everyone wears many hats
  • We value the ability to take ownership
  • We have a Netflix-style vacation policy
  • We are results-oriented, no corporate bullshit here

Interactive Graphic Designer

We are looking for an in-house Interactive Graphic Designer. You will be working directly with the Chief Creative Officer, who is also the founder of the company. Your primary responsibility is to execute design based on conceptual and visual direction. You will work across a wide range of projects including graphics for on-air applications/games, graphic user interfaces for web apps and mobile apps, style guides, and presentation materials. The ideal candidate is a self-motivated designer who is also interested in growing into a director for interactive TV apps.


You have worked for 1-4 years in one of the following organizations:

  • Broadcast design team in a broadcasting company
  • Advertising/design agency
  • Gaming company
  • Software/app development startup

You must have:

  • Expert level in Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Strong experience in interface design, wireframing
  • Proficiency in Flash (No ActionScript coding experience needed, but need to be familiar with Flash GUI environment with basic knowledge of tweens)
    • If the following sentence makes sense to you, you are a good fit: Find the instance name “ball7” in the movie clip of “layout_A”, duplicate it into “layout_B” and “layout_C” in the library in the exact same position. Make sure that the action that’s attached to “ball7” is also copied in the timeline.
  • The ability to create/duplicate a variety of styles
  • Excellent eye for fonts, detail oriented layouts, and picking colors
  • Static-only designers need not apply (i.e. only logos, characters)

Preferred if you have:

  • Experience in motion graphics design (such as AfterEffects)
  • Experience in 3D design
  • Experience in Flash animation
  • Experience in ActionScript
  • Experience in CSS/HTML mockups
  • The ability to work with programmers
  • Love for icons/diagrams
  • Love for games

Please send us an email to with the following:

  • Subject line naming convention: Designer – FirstName LastName
  • Online portfolio URL on the top (Please don’t send any resume without a portfolio link)
  • Please include a resume

Above all, we value talent over experience.