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[GIG] Arduino Development

This contact came to me through a mutual friend. He has a couple arduino projects he wants help on. I have no idea what the scale of them is, nor if there is money available to pay for them, but if anyone’s interested in working with him, feel free to contact him directly.

 Tom Igoe
Begin forwarded message:
From: Eric <>
Subject: Re: Arduino Development
Hi Tom,

What I need to make are two things:

1) When a person gets within a certain distance of a motion sensor the Arduino randomly displays a word (from a list of about 50 preset words) on either a LED or LCD display. The device needs to be as thin as possible.

2) When a color changes within in near field, a light changes to match that color. — There is some sort of multicolor LED that can do this, but cant remember what it is called, then we need a sensor to see the color and an Arduino to do the rest.

Would be great to find somebody who has the talent and skills. Thanks again.