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[GIG] Design, concept assistance, Material World Blog

I run a quite visible, open academic blog called Material World (, a collaboration between NYU and University COllege London with an international editorial board. We are a hub for thinking critically about material and visual culture and post exhibition and book reviews, conferences and events, longer research pieces and get a lot of global traffic. However, we started using NYU blogs before they were even up and running but the lack of support and opacity of the system is increasingly frustrating as we would like to develop more audio, visual content etc. I’m thinking of migrating to another service/host and am looking for someone with technical and design expertise to help me re-fashion the site, help with some of the initial design and get us up and running as a more twenty-first century operation. Budget is fairly shoestring, but I do have funds to pay for some consultation and coding (up to $500 – might be negotiable if I can raise more from our partners). Anyone interested please email haidy geismar,¬† Do check out the site and let me know your thoughts.