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[CALL] Beijing Technology Event – call for ITP projects

We at Shanghai Wind-Fung Media Group, based in Shanghai, China will be launching
three new pieces of our proprietary technology exclusively from our Technology
Division in mid-2012. In conjunction with our partner firms, we are holding a 2-
day multimedia event and technology expo. It will be held at a world-class venue in
Beijing, China. In addition to our own launch, several elite international technology
firms will also be showcasing their own proprietary technology, complementing
the overall storyboard format of the event and venue. We will have a unique
entertainment cadre to keep the audience engaged and the event highly interactive.
We have 4 fine beer and spirits sponsors on board to serve China’s finest wines,
gaoliang, as well as connoisseur beers to the VIPs in attendance. The service of these
beverages will be done in an entirely unique way and will incorporate one piece of
our proprietary technology.

The purpose of this event is to introduce to the Chinese market technology that
will eventually transform the industry in the nation. At the expo, we will present
this technology in a tasteful, classy, and practical manner, which will garner
an unprecedented level of audience engagement and enthusiasm. Through our
strategic marketing and business partnerships, all parties involved will benefit
greatly from this event as well as reap the benefits of the subsequent publicity the
event will generate.

We will have select local celebrities, politicians, titans of industry, as well as an
elite group of consumers in attendance. The format and feel of the event will be a
seamless storyboard that maximizes audience engagement. In collaboration with
our partner firms, we will have a precise ratio of publicity strategically distributed
across the various mediums of print, radio, television, online, and mobile as well
as our own highly effective street teams strategically placed in highly targeted
venues across three prominent Chinese cities. Through our strategic partnerships,
we will also have an extremely exciting fusion art/technology show to kick off the
event as well as cap off the two-day event with a spectacular runway show that will
showcase the world’s top models and their unique ties to China. The publicity and
coverage of this event will be global in scale.

We are looking for an elite group of students/individuals within the ITP department
that have a comprehensive and practical working knowledge of the following
1. Augmented Reality
2. The Kinect motion tracking device and its many versatile capabilities
3. 3-Dimensonal Printing (Textiles and Clothing)
4. 3-Dimensional images and their many incarnations

If you feel your skill level is up to par AND on par with this event and it’s central
theme and would like to showcase your work to 1.3 billion (and rapidly growing)
consumers in the largest and the most dynamic consumer market in the world,
please submit a brief but thorough proposal to:

Xiaoyan Chen at

by February 28th. 2012. Proposal reviews will be on a rolling basis so
get them in early but also be thorough! Those who manage to impress us the most
will have the opportunity to work with us on future national and global projects.
All accommodations in country will be covered for selected participants, including
(Lodging, Meals, and select Tours)