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[JOB] Code Community Organizer / Developer Evangelist, Temboo

A startup based in Tribeca and Portland, Temboo makes smart, approachable code for developers. From DevShortcuts for data cleansing to simplified and flexible methods that hook into 100+ APIs, we build powerful tools that improve and expedite the app-making process.
Tembooleans are an intellectually curious bunch and we’d love to have more ITPers in the mix (ITP ’09 and ’11 currently represent!). We’re hiring for a few key positions (descriptions below) with more jobs to be found at

At Temboo, we’re building tools that allow developers to effortlessly connect the different parts of the web. Our technology lets you create complex customized applications, or just experiment with the latest services and technologies. We’re making it easier for mere mortals to do the work of the gods, and do it with a smile on their face. We are a small but solid start-up full of smart people who love to learn from one another.

We’ve shipped the first version of our product (the Temboo SDK), but there’s a lot of room to grow. We’re looking for a social, tech-savvy person to help spread the word about how Temboo can help developers, and help us build the best possible product by gathering the insight of our users.


This position is part mad scientist, part scout leader, and part performance artist. If the idea of hacking together a social-media powered Nerf gun, blogging about how you did it, and creating a meetup group to demo your invention is your idea of fun, we want to hear from you!

Some of the ways you’ll spend your days include:

  • Representing Temboo by speaking and demoing at hackdays, conferences, meetups, partner companies, etc.
  • Experimenting with new ways our technology can be used, and building new toys to show it off.
  • Supporting our growing user community by creating resources that make it easier and more satisfying for developers to build on the Temboo platform.
  • Learning how we can improve from our users, and bringing home insights that will shape the next generation of our product.
  • Sharing our thinking via blog posts on areas such as the Quantified Self, the Internet of Things, Green Tech, the Future of Code and more.
  • Dreaming about how to spread the word about Temboo more effectively, and making it happen.


You’re a natural leader with a deep technical background. You like being in the spotlight, but love to help other people even more. You have an itch to build things and play with new tech, but like people more than code. You’re interested in building (or already have) a smart, well-respected online presence in the tech community. You’re stranger than the average bear.

Some of the specific qualities we’re looking for include:

  • Real experience building web or mobile apps, and a passion for learning about the latest and greatest new tech.
  • Comfortable speaking one-on-one or in front of groups.
  • Great communication skills – you love talking about what you’ve learned or built (particularly with other geeks) and can express yourself in video, text, or in person.
  • Willingness to travel.
  • Independent and self-motivated – you’ll have the leeway to define much of your job.

Temboo offers competitive compensation, an informal work environment, flexible hours, respect for individual contribution, and a unique opportunity to shape a game-changing company. We’re looking for people who have passionate interests outside of work as well (please mention some of these in your cover letter).


Send us your resume and a cover letter telling about the coolest thing you’ve built lately. Email and include “Code Community Organizer” in the subject line.