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[JOB] Product Lead, Temboo

A startup based in Tribeca and Portland, Temboo makes smart, approachable code for developers. From DevShortcuts for data cleansing to simplified and flexible methods that hook into 100+ APIs, we build powerful tools that improve and expedite the app-making process.
Tembooleans are an intellectually curious bunch and we’d love to have more ITPers in the mix (ITP ’09 and ’11 currently represent!). We’re hiring for a few key positions (descriptions below) with more jobs to be found at

Product Lead


Dear Internet/Universe,

Please send us a Product Lead. Our future and fellow Temboolean has a head for computation and an eye for design. This developer-designer or designer-developer masterfully uses technology to serve humanist ends. At one point, our Product Lead-to-be was a software developer, a superb tactical negotiator of Time and Quality, a designer of user experiences, and a wise listening tree. Let our Product Lead be able to harness engineering, business, and design power in order to build a lovingly crafted, user-oriented product. Wherever they might be, please convey the following information about us and who we seek:

Temboo is a small, solid start-up full of smart people who love to learn from each other, and are motivated by a larger sense of a purpose. Our mission is to impact and improve the ways technology is created and put to use: we’re changing the way code gets written, and in doing so, removing barriers to making. By building tools that work with the cloud, we make it possible for developers to focus on the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of app invention while we take care of the ‘how.’ Our intelligent code snippets called Choreos are instantly deployable, updatable, modular and scalable. They make playing with APIs simple, and implementing otherwise time-consuming and technically difficult processes (like handling authentication) nearly automagical. The result: a new wave of makers, cities, and industries that can call upon the clouds and bring forth innovative and meaningful technology that will improve lives.

The Product Lead is an especially important role because you’ll work directly with everyone at Temboo, from our founders to our beloved users. You’ll be anticipating user needs to build a product of genuine value. A critical thinker and generous communicator, you’re a forest-seer and tree-appreciator that will set the bar for quality and innovation within Temboo. We insist on that — it keeps us focused on our mission to make the world easier to use.

Your job is to push our product past its limits and into new realms, new interactions, and new design strategies: make it do all the stuff you think it should do.


  • Work with engineering, user experience, product marketing, and the founders to support and enhance our products.
  • Drive the product vision with a flexible and open mind.
  • Create functional specifications, mock ups, prototypes, and workflows to define the user experience of new features.
  • Facilitate communications (i.e., translate, amplify, advocate, empathize) between customers, product management, support, and engineering groups to address technical questions or concerns.
  • Share your technical and design reasoning behind decisions.
  • Contribute positivity and leadership to the rapid growth of our constantly evolving start-up.


  • Experience as a software developer. You have the technical chops to communicate with the engineering team and our audience of developers.
  • Experience as a Product Lead in tech.
  • UX expertise motivated by a deep empathy and respect for the end user: our user experience is something that sets us apart as a developer tool, and you endeavor to make that experience as enjoyable as it is functional.
  • Understanding of how we can improve our product to increase functionality and unlock new uses.
  • Ability to learn new technologies, strategies, tools and competencies as they become important to finding solutions.
  • Awareness of current best practices, emerging technologies, and a passion for staying on the cutting edge of the tech world.
  • Excellent communication, problem identification, and resolution skills.
  • An intrinsic sense of motivation, honesty, and nuance.
  • An agile, curious mind and a sense of humor will help very much with your interactions on our planet.

On Temboo, we respect individual contribution, offer competitive compensation, enjoy an informal office environment, and provide the unique opportunity to shape a truly visionary company. We appreciate people who also have passionate interests outside of work (feel free to share some of those in your cover letter). If you nodded a lot when you read our request/appeal above, please follow the instructions below to potentially join us.


Send us your resume and a cover letter telling us why you think you’d be a good Temboolean. Email and include “Product Lead” in the subject line.

Thank you,
Team Temboo