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[INTERN] Comp Sci / Design, Dash

From: Jamyn Edis <>
I’ve pasted below some background on Dash… Please let us know if you’d like some more specifics on the company/product. In terms of what we are looking for – we could use help on two areas from students (grad or undergrad) for projets or internships:
  • Computer science / engineering – student interested in mobile dev, server-side, website development and potentially hardware
    • Mobile – iOS/Android
    • Website – HTML5 page
    • Server-side – big data analysis, NoSql, Hadoop etc
    • Hardware – open hardware device connects to car via OBD II, electrical engineering
  • Design – both aesthetic sensibilities for brand identity (creative assets, look/feel, marketing materials), as well as specifically mobile and web UX development

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·      DASH is a privately owned company, based in New York City. We have a passion for the open road and what journeys mean to each of us. Whether you’re on a life-changing road trip, or just going from A-to-B, we want to create a functional utility for your journey. But most of all we want to capture the fun and romance of the open road.


·      In geek-speak, we want to create the auto graph. We see the car as the next-generation connected platform and we love big data, the quantification of the self and the internet of things. Our goal is to create a passionate community of users for our consumer mobile application, as well as developing a marketplace for auto data. Dash is a mobile app (for Android: Apple iOS coming soon), with a web interface (as we search for the right URL, the holding page is hosted at and hardware for your vehicle. Think Nike Fuel for your car, with a Foursquare data play and affiliate business model.

·      The company was founded by Jamyn Edis and Brian Langel in 2012 (see LinkedIN and GitHub). Their backgrounds are an eclectic mix of software, hardware, big data, digital media, social, multi-platform devices, consumer, enterprise, start up, creative, urban, rural, international. Jamyn is Thelma to Brian’s Louise.

·      Download the free app for your smart phone. Get here for Android (iPhone coming soon).

·      Purchase hardware here (from $15) and plug it into your car. Find out how to easily install here.

·      Use the DASH app to pair your smart phone with the hardware. You’re ready to roll.

·      Hit the road. Whether you’re commuting, on a school run or going cross country, DASH is along for the ride.

·      Collect data automatically, from the road to the cloud. All data is private, secure and owned by you.

·      Visualize trips, on your phone or online, for fun and useful insights. Share your journeys; driving is better with friends.

·      Save money on running costs, including insurance, repairs and fuel, as well as simplifying your car ownership with notifications.

·      Improve your driving, by tracking your habits, measuring safety and performance, and setting goals.
·      Help the planet, by reducing your carbon footprint and improving fuel efficiency.