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[GIG] Looking for assistance with an upcoming exhibition

I was referred to the Tisch ITP Program by my studio mate Peter Burr who spoke very highly of your work.  My name is Tyler Lafreniere and I’m a visual artist based in New York.  I have an upcoming solo installation exhibition at Launch F18 in Tribeca opening in early December (Launch F18).

A portion of this installation involves controlling video playback on a laptop (displayed on an analogue television) with a standard television remote. Most likely this will utilize arduino, however I’m open to any solutions that might accomplish the goals of this component.

I have minimal experience with this technology, so I wanted to reach out to you to see if any current students would be interested in assisting me on this portion of the installation.  I have worked with interns and assistants
in the past, and would be happy to write letters of recommendation, or doing anything else required to aid them in receiving course credit for their help.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions, or would be able to recommend students or faculty you feel might be interested in assisting me on this project.

Thank you,
Tyler Lafreniere

Tyler Lafreniere

1 North 12th Street
Suite 316 – Mailbox 7A
Brooklyn, NY 11211