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[JOB] R&D Technologist, Havas’ MadSci Labs

Position: R&D Technologist – Full Time

Havas’ MadSci Labs is looking for an R&D Technologist to design the future of interactivity. Our lab develops innovative projects both as internal demos and for clients. We are looking for a candidate who abilities in prototyping, fabrication, software and hardware development. Weekly blogging required so ability communicate via video or writing is a huge asset.


  • Collaboratively brainstorm new project ideas to develop in the lab that showcase emerging technologies
  • Assist with hardware, software, and physical production on current and new projects
  • Arduino and physical computing development
  • Use social media (blog, twitter, facebook) to promote the lab and the projects we’re developing
  • Research new technologies
  • Assist with management of the lab
  • Give internal workshops on tech topics

Experience with any of the following a plus

3D printing/modeling, Fabrication, Interactive Spaces, Processing, OpenFrameworks/Cinder, HTML5, Javascript, WebGL, Objective C, Java for Android, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, projection mapping, material fabrication, product design/sourcing, Kinect depth and skeleton data, stereoscopic imaging, interactive surfaces, augmented reality, TUIO, magic

Interested candidates should send resume, cover letter, and favorite flavor ice cream to