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[CALL] Want to take part in a doc on doc the integration of technology and human identity?

Project Brief
Our relationship with technology is growing at a staggering pace. Interaction with and through tech has become critical to mass communication and to personal relationship. Technology has evolved from a tool that enabled conventional efforts into a medium that generates entirely new paradigms. The people at the forefront of these developments are responsible for crafting our very existence and sense of what it means to be human. Who are these people? What drives them to innovate? What is the future they want to create and why? How do they intend to evolve the status of our techno-human relationship? We seek to delve deep into the minds of the architects of our future and those who push the limits of our progress.

We’re a documentary film team whose members have made”Freakonomics,” “The King of Kong,” “Make Believe,” and the recent Oscar-winner “Undefeated.” We are now making a doc exploring the integration, convergence, and inter-influence of technology and human identity.

We’ll be in New York and Silicon Valley for our first foray from 11/28 – 12/9. Those who technology and innovation are obvious starting points for understanding the culture, ethos, and aspirations of the people who are most driven to change humanity’s future through technology. We’re looking to find personalities – companies, entrepreneurs, or visionaries – who can see over the horizon of how tech and identity are intertwining and who might be on a journey right now that could serve as film subject matter, be it a product launch, a new discovery, etc. Environments – like ITP – in which a group of such people are interacting, collaborating, and exploring together are especially ripe at this early stage of filming.


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